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One cold wintery night in November, PDC sponsored a Premier League game between West Brom and West Ham. We invited a few guests and run a free prize draw with the members for 4 tickets to join us! Congrats to Tony, Brian, Stephen and Said for being the lucky winners.


It was a great night, even West Ham won.


Were have we been?


Club trips started in 2012 with a Red Sea South Safari, since then we have been on annual worldwide trips and have plans for many more.


Take a look at the photos



Do you like curry?

Come & See us at the Shows :-)


Its now a tradition that whenever we are at a trade show, regardless of the country, Saturday night is Curry Night.


All our members are invited to join us, 27 was the biggest group but its not normally that many. Keep an eye on te next show season for Curry night dates.