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Havana was a fantastic place to visit, unlike anywhere else you may have trodden foot. You need to look past the stark poverty and crumbling infrastructure to find the amazing beauty that is vibrant Havana. The culture, the colours, the people, the rum and the amazing food just need to be experienced. We spent a few days at each end of the tour here and loved every second. [OK not the horrendous downpour we arrived into].

CUBA - You can keep CAYO LARGO

As good as Havana was, Cayo Largo wasn't, it could be anywhere in the world with modern resorts and hotels and absolutely dire service. A very pretty tropical island as you would expect but probably the worst attitude to customer service you are likely to experience. We were here to dive and the dive operation was an embarrassment to our industry. We had a couple of nice dives after major fights with the management but we also had some dive which would compare poorly with the quarries in the UK.


It was a long trek out to Tortuga our base for 6 nights but its well worth it, in fact there is no point in going diving in Cuba unless you visit Jardnes de la Reina, its top draw! Close up and personal with Carib an Silkes on every dive, Saltwater Crocs at the boat and in the mangroves, monster Groupers that terrorise the sharks, and super super dive and boat crew. We may well be back!

Shark Diving

at its Best!

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