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Deptherapy Adaptive Scuba Diving Training

Roots Red Sea Deptherapy Gold Star IDC

since August 1st 2014


Pharaoh Dive Club in Egypt offer FREE Deptherapy Specially Adapted Scuba Diving programmes for seriously injured armed service people from any nation.


Deptherapy work with programme members to introduce them to the aquatic realm, firstly in the pool and then in open water under the supervision of specially qualified instructional teams. Many go on the meet the full PADI certification.


The program is especially beneficial to those suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury as well as the more obvious injured.


It has many proven benefits for the troops which is supported by those in academic research.


Deptherapy are working with agencies in Europe and in the USA in respect of further research into the rehabilitative properties of scuba diving for the severely wounded.


Deptherapy in the UK


The Deptherapy charitable status is defined as:


“The relief of people, especially wounded, current and ex-members of the UK Armed Services, their dependents and, when funds and resources permit, similar persons from the ‘blue light’ services and their dependents, and eventually those from the general population, with a life-changing physical and/or mental condition or the like, by providing opportunities for rehabilitation, motivation and life-enrichment through specially tailored professionally delivered scuba diving”




Donating to Deptherapy will help continue to conduct the training that Deptherapy provide to injured soldiers. Deptherapy are unique in that they are the only national charity dedicated to rehabilitation through scuba diving, helping people make the necessary changes to improve their physical and mental health.


How your support can help


  • £10 could go towards funding a diving medical for an injured soldier
  • £50 could go towards the purchase of personalised diving equipment
  • £100 could go to funding a flight for an injured soldier for training
  • £500 allows Deptherapy to purchase a return flight for one to Pharaoh Dive Club




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