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Shore Diving @ Saleem

Shore diiving isn't walking down the beach and going left or right. This is Saleem a typical shore entry, swimming through canyons filled with marine life and ambiance. The same dive from a boat would miss all this turning the dive in to a straignt swim up or down the reef. Give shore diving a go, you wont be sorry!


Zodiac Diving @ The Rock

Just a few minutes out from the harbour at El Quseir is an isolated mound in the middle of the bay. A barren sandy bottom as far as the eye can see until The Rock appears with its 400 or 500 anemones and a thriving damsel fish colony ........ amazing!

Cavern Dive @ Boneyard

The reef in the region is riddled with caverns , the Boneyard is a prime example of the atmospheric chambers with dancing lights dappling the interiors. Not for novice divers as the system will provide dives of 45 minutes inside the caverns.

Dolphins @ El Quseir

El Quseir is a transitional home for a small pod of Indo Pacific Bottlenose dolphins who come during the mornings to rest after a nights hunting. We dont go looking for them as that would disturb their routine but they will come and find us to have some interactive fun, sometimes for 30 plus minutes .... awesome!