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Shore diving is the typical diving activity in Dahab, this is due to the unique nature of the Sinai peninsula.


The shore leads directly to a deep abyss and to find a depth of 70 meters and more from the shore is a common thing, for example, the Blue Hole falls directly to a depth of 130 meters, but don’t worry about it as those are extreme diving conditions, and these dive sites are done within the recreation diving limits and under the highest safety precautions.


The corals in this region are growing since thousands of years around the shore line, and all through the years they built what is called a fringing reef. Directly from the shore you can dive in the most beautiful coral gardens, even if you decide to enter the water from any spot around Dahab, you can expect to dive directly in a coral garden, This makes choosing a dive site not so easy.


The first sites to uncover are our TWO house reefs which offer unlimited unguided diving during the day.


Light House sits 5 minutes to our right                  Eel Garden sits 5 minutes to our left















The Light House is the central point in Dahab, and it offers great diving as well as perfect teaching setup. The classic route (A) starts with huge coral blocks rising from the sandy bottom till the depth of 30 meters, then the bottom rises to the depth of 8-12 meters following the small cave covered reef wall. The alternative route (B) is interesting for photographers and nature interested divers, a sandy slope covered with sea grass. During this dive you should take your time to identify the different fauna, and maybe you spot an octopus, puffer fish and many baby fish kinds.


It is possible to make a dive between the 2 sites

The dive site got its name from the thousands of sand eels rising from the sandy bottom. Sand eels are shy creatures that live in tunnel systems in the sandy sea bottom. The eel garden is around 50 meters away from the light house and the center of Dahab so it reached within a few minutes with a pick up. The dive starts with diving through a small canyon with sandy bottom, bordered with wonderful coral walls. Outside the canyon, the dive continues above a sandy slope, which is the habitat of uncountable sand eels. The way back is done alongside a shallow reef wall, which makes the day of any diver with its colorful corals. Sting rays and mantas are seen here many times.

Certainly there are hot spots which we recommend. too You can find the description these sites below: