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It would be fair to say everyone was more than a little disappointed with the quality of MALDIVES SIREN -  We had been sold a top of the market luxurious yacht crammed with pampering and glitz - what we got was very much below that standard. The least said the better but we wont be using Siren Fleet again.


The trip itself was great fun as always, the group were fantastic company and we even made 2 new Australian friends Simon and Andrea who we hope to have convinced to visit the Red Sea in the near future.


Our thanks to Derrick & Marlene, Mike & Chris, Pieter & Jeanine, Theresa, Clare, Danny, Bernard, Simon & Andrea and especially Hans who took over the guiding from the crew!  ... All for making it a great holiday :-)























To be fair, we did have some fantastic dives but we also had some dives that we would be embarrassed to take our guests to here in Quseir - most amazingly they even took us some of the poor ones twice!!


The best dives were mainly down to Hans insistence to go to site he knew from years of working in the Maldives.


The attitude of the Cruise Director was simply uninterested in providing anything but the easiest option for him and the crew to do the minimum amount of work and get the trip over. Just not the Pharaoh way!


Anyway we made the best of it and here are some of the photos of the highlights





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