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At Pharaoh Dive Club we pride ourselves on ensuring every single guest feels connected to the club and its dive team.


This can only happen with the continued support and involvement of YOU, our friends and patrons. In recognition of this fact we have offer the



Club Membership Scheme


Every guest that visits a Pharaoh Dive Club will be offered FREE Club Membership which will immediately entitle them to a range of benefits


PDC Rewards have 4 status levels CLUB, GOLD, PLATINUM & DIAMOND these offer growing benefits with achieving the next level.


In addition to the earned entitlement, all members receive our Club Quarterly News Letter with information on coming events, developments at the club and interesting news.


We hope you enjoy being a member of the Pharaoh Dive Club which we hope to be organic to which end we welcome any comments or suggestions from members, you tell us what you want and we will try to deliver.

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