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Open Ocean Science Centres are private research centres located on the Red Sea at I-Dive Dahab in the Sinai and Roots Red Sea near El Quseir in Egypt’s Eastern Desert.


The objectives of Open Ocean Science Centres can be summarized in three missions:


* Scientific Research *

* Education *

* Awareness *


Both locations offer a range of facilities and services for individual researchers, universities and school groups or simply individuals with an interested in the marine environment.


Modern indoor and outdoor wet labs with fresh and seawater supply, spacious classrooms with various technical tools and several outdoor seating areas for working and relaxing with wireless internet and power supply.


Our dedicated team assist researchers with administrative and organizational matters before, during and after their field trips and take care of all necessary logistics related to data collection and scientific excursions.


Both centres offer field excursions to local mangroves, sea grass meadows, fringing reefs, sand embankments and fossil fields in fact virtually every environment of interest  to all marine biology for students, school children and divers

Marine Biology Courses


.... for school children .... for students ..... for all!


OOSC provide a variety of certified courses, workshops and field trips tailor made for your interests and previous knowledge.


Each course contains a theoretical and a practical segments. The practical in water sessions can be conducted either diving or snorkelling.


OOSC  Certification Courses:


Life On The Reef - 1 Day Course


Here you will gain an exciting insight into coral reefs and their inhabitants. We will also discuss some of the threats and current issues related to this ecosystem. This course includes two lectures and two guided dives/snorkels.


Ecosystems of the Red Sea - 3 Day Course


All you ever wanted to know about marine biology and coastal ecosystems. This course will provide you with ‘the big picture’ as well as detailed information in your area of interest. The course includes dives/snorkels at various sites to investigate differences in flora and fauna as well as the impact of tourism. You will also visit a fossil reef with an option to include a trip to the mangroves.


Scientific Diving: Methods & Data Collection


This course teaches the essentials of project design and data collection under water. Get to know different techniques of working under water and apply your gained knowledge in a mini project.


Please contact us directly for full details or bespoke programmes


Marine Biology Guided Dives


No time for a course, then this is your chance to learn more about the spectacular underwater world you see during a dive. Get to know the different species, learn to observe their behaviour and discover new things you have never seen before on a dive. Every guided dive includes a comprehensive briefing and debriefing.


Half Day Discovery


Includes a lecture, briefing, guided dive or snorkel and debriefing. Select from a range of special topics such as;


Reefs in Danger

Predator and Prey

Neighbours from Hell

Underwater Alliances

Poisonous Perils

The Big Picture



Marine Biology Research,

Courses & Residential Internships