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The cost of establishing each site averages at €200 with on going maintenance cost of local employment to complete scheduled clean ups and bin emptying is €50 per month.

Our 1st Mission is to minimise the effects of diving on the fragile reef and environment

Environmental Awareness Development through education

Dive Site Management

The objectives are to establish and provide:-

  • Road side dive site markers
  • Easy vehicle access to parking area
  • Permanent sun shelters
  • Waste collection bins and clearing service
  • Dive site map board
  • Dive safety information board
  • Scheduled beach and reef clean ups

Our 2nd mission is to monitor and document the abundance, health and variety of life on Abu Sauatir house reef.

In conjunction with Open Ocean Science Centre at Roots, qualified research divers are welcome to assist with the data collection for the field studies being conducted to record fish, invertebrates, coral and algae. The long term goal is to be able to distinguish ecological  cycles on the reef, enabling future identification of specific threats to the ecological balance.


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